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Essailec Test blocks have been especially designed to fit the electricity Utilities requirements for safe and reliable testing. Essailec allows the testing, without any circuit break, of meters and protective relays installed in the current transformers and voltage transformers secondary circuits. Essailec has been approved by major Utilities and has been successfully implemented for years in worldwide electricity production, transport and distribution networks

Applications :
• Measurement, current or voltage injection, repair, device replacement.
• Current testing without cutting the energy supply.
• Voltage testing with the possibility of cutting or not the energy supply to the device according to the voltage sockets implemented.
• Simultaneous testing of 1 to 4 independent circuits on the same socket.
• The test plug can also be connected continuously to the socket in order to supply current or voltage to secondary circuits sub assemblies.

Characteristics and benefits :
• Fast and easy testing procedure.
• No cursor or switch element to operate manually: the current transformers short circuiting is automatically performed in the correct sequence with the current socket with “make before break contacts”

Security for the operator:
• IP20 protection degree.
• Coding protection.
• Locking system.
• Sealed cover.
• Range and versions product identification with marking and colourcoding

Flexibility :
• Panel and switchboard mounting: base mounting, flush mounting,
rack mounting, din rail…
• Several wiring technologies, wire connection up to 10 mm²

Essailec Socket:
The Essailec socket is installed in the circuit and wired to the device to be tested during its
installation or its servicing. The use of the cover is strongly recommended in order to prevent unauthorized access.
The sockets are available in the following designs:
– Socket with “make before break” contact design, available in the Current and Voltage ranges.
– Socket with “opened” (“break before make”) contact design, available in Voltage range.
– Socket with “closed” contact design, available in Voltage range


Essailec Socket


Essailec Plug:
The plug is connected on its other extremity to the test equipment. For testing, the cover is removed and replaced by the test plug.
The test plugs are available in the following designs:
– 2×4 poles plug: allows the testing of 4 current or voltage circuits.
– 4 poles plug: allows the testing of 4 voltage circuits.
– 2 poles plug: allows the testing of 1 current or voltage circuit


Essailec Plug



Essailec compatibilita


Test accessories and prewired plug
The Essailec range offers a wide range of test accessories as well as prewired plugs with
the following test accessories wired on its test equipment extremity:
– Security bayonet test plug (bayonet locking mechanism in the test equipment for maximized security during the testing).
– Ø 4mm IP20 test plug.
The security test plugs can be connected together with the use of two accessories: straight and H adapters. The purpose of these two accessories is to offer extra test configurations with the prewired plug.

– Lid
– Cover

Provide dust protection and prevent unauthorised access
(lead seal)

Protection with electrical continuity:
– Lid with electrical continuity
– Cover with electrical continuity

Lid and cover with electrical continuity, to be mounted on opened contacts socket.
Provide the electrical continuity thanks to the inner pins and linking bar that close the circuit


Essailec lid cover

Essailec Connessioni

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