SI2K Thermal printer Grafoplast

Designed for electrical marking applications, in electrical panel shops and all other applications with high density of wires,  cables or electrical devices

The new SI2K printer Grafoplast “SI2KEVO” is the evolution of SI2KSYS1, the well known Grafoplast solution for identifying components inside and outside of electrical panels: wires, panels, terminal blocks, devices and other components.
SI2KEVO, featuring USB 2.0 port, higher printing speed, new driver capable to manage al functions without need of local keyboard settings and preloaded setting profiles for easier and faster installation, quickly and efficiently creates highly visible and durable marking

• Versatile : wide variety of materials available and for a wide range of marking applications: wire/cable, cable ties, terminal
blocks, internal and external panel (push buttons, channels, name plates, tags, etc.); immediately ready to print as turned
on, even after a long stop.

• High quality : high resolution (300 dpi) to print not only alphanumeric, but also barcodes, logos, graphics. Resin-based
ribbon provide very high durability of marking.

• High-speed printing : up to 8500 tags per hour, automatic feeding allows huge operator’s time saving on higher volume
tags (cable, terminal blocks, wiremarking tags)

• Easy to Use : tags come in modules that easily feed through the printer, in automatic, single or manual feeding mode.
Tags are organized in pre-breaked cards, for easy and smart mounting.

• Low Maintenance : easy-to-access print and feed area, change ribbon in few seconds, without touching the ribbon,
thanks to the cartridge. Cleaning roll cleans 100% of the printable area of the cards, a special cleaning cassette is
provided to clean the print chamber.

• Compact: compact dimensions, low weight and industrail design: the right system for your every day electrical marking
needs in your company.

Simplo HIP: the Grafoplast software solution for identification

Clear and intuitive graphic interface shows directly on the screen the items as it will be printed. Different data insertion formats available: direct typing, logical alphanumeric serializations, spreadsheet interface and import from file; all the printing function, from the easier font management to the most advanced printing options can be easily managed, to fastly reach high quality printing results. Compatible with the most diffused electrical CADs transfer protocols, barcodes standards, graphical formats. Simplo HIP can manage multiple jobs and multiple printing devices

Tecnhical Features